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We make clothing for people with expressive personality

HH Wear is a well-known streetwear clothing brand based in Moscow (Russia). The founder of the company is actively engaged in the world of artists and tattoo culture, and that started some amazing collaborations with highly talented people to create exclusive artwork for various lines of HH Wear's products. We love to mix different subcultures and styles in our work, and we believe that, among our clothing, everybody can find something that speaks to them on some level.

It's always quality over quantity

To be able to guarantee comfort and longevity of our clothing to our customers, we always focus on the quality first. Having products that are both of high quality, and have unconventional design and artwork makes HH Wear a regular at the various photo shoots, visual projects, and music events. Our clothing is loved by incredibly talented musicians, artists, designers, and a lot of creative people of different occupations. And we absolutely love helping people express themselves.

Bringing out the creativity in you

Each piece of clothing, every product we create has an artwork made by the talented artists that we work with. And we work hard to maintain variety and character in our products. We believe that clothing can help you express your personality and project its colors into the world. HH Wear wants you to stand out among what's "normal" and "accepted", being comfortable and being yourself. Jump into our catalog and find yourself a perfect match. We'll handle the rest.

Show me the products

HH Wear has a Telegram channel

We like staying in touch with our audience, which is why we maintain our own Telegram channel. Join HH Wear on Telegram, and we'll keep you posted on our new collection releases, limited discounts, special events, and juicy sales! Come hang!

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Life of the brand

Do you like our products? Well, we like our community! Come hang with us on social media. We also run various specials and exclusive deals on there and we'd like you to stick around for a whie.

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