Personal data and privacy policy

Why are we storing and processing some of the personal data of our customers?

HH Wear processes and stores the customers' personal data in compliance with the federal law of Russian Federation. The personal data of the user is collected in three situations: when a user registers an account on this website, or when a user makes an order at the online store on this website, or when a user subscribes to HH Wear newsletter via the newsletter sign-up form on this website.

This is done to facilitate your purchasing experience, make order management convenient and fast, and gather enough actual usage data to improve our services as well as our products.

Cookie policy and user activity tracking

This website uses browser cookies. It's done to both authorize users on this website and persist their session, and to use the website visit trackers to gather analytics data for service and product improvement. These tracking algorithms are provided by Google, Yandex, Facebook, VKontakte, systems and belong to them, as well as the cookies that are set by them in the browser. The data collection done by these algorithms are subject to these companies' privacy and personal data collection policies.

Bank card credentials and billing details

HH Wear doesn't process any bank card or billing details of the customers. These responsibilities are subject to international PCI compliance policies, and therefore are delegated to certified entities like PayPal and Yandex Money. The billing and bank card credentials are only exposed to the secure payment gateway served by those companies. This website does not contact with that data in any way or form.

HH Wear has a Telegram channel

We like staying in touch with our audience, which is why we maintain our own Telegram channel. Join HH Wear on Telegram, and we'll keep you posted on our new collection releases, limited discounts, special events, and juicy sales! Come hang!

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